Welcome to Lahtida Creations!

We are Brandon and Shanna Lahti and we are trying to change our lives by reducing, reusing, and recycling more and inspiring others to do the same.

We began with refurbishing and upcycling furniture, bringing life back to dated pieces by repairing damage and painting or staining. We then began to think about what else could be reused that we would normally simply replace with a new item. Because of the current state of the environment, we feel as responsible parents, we need to do better to have a liveable, healthy Earth for our children and beyond.

We are not professional crafters, seamstresses, builders, etc. It is taking time to break old habits, but we have discovered new passions and incorporated our children into forming good habits. This blog is to share tips, DIYs, and resources with like-minded people that would like to join us on this journey.

It’s all about small steps, taking one day and change at a time, and making that a habit. We want to share what we are learning and doing and help others along the way. By subscribing to this blog, you will join us and our family as we do our part for the environment, and learn easy ways to change our ingrained habits and transform them into a lifestyle that will enable us to hopefully leave the Earth better than it is now.

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Let’s learn something together.